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Laser peen forming of large scale specimen with complex shape

M. Luo1, Y. Hu1

1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai, China

Laser peen forming (LPF) is now emerging as a viable means for the shaping of large scale panels. Complex shaping of large scale panel after laser peen forming is very challenge due to its high flexible process to form by a large amount of laser shocks. The aim of this study is to develop an effective way to complete efficient process planning of LPF for complex shape forming. The eigen-moment is defined to describe the deformation behaviour of metal plates under LPF, which can provide an efficient way to analyse the bending shape under different process parameters. And the distributed eigen-moment in the panel is prescribed as an PDE-constrained optimization problem to achieve the process planning of complex shaping. A complex shape with saddle geometry is used as a typical case to demonstrate this method with experiments. The experiments conducted with the planned parameters can produce an expected shape to match the objective geometry. Besides, a flexible 3D scanning facility is developed for LPF of large-scale panels. A brief introduction of this system will be given. And a few cases for LPF of large scale panel will also be provided.

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