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    Збірник праць конференції «International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies (ALT)»

    Наукова стаття на тему 'Laser-induced processes on condensed matter'

    Текст наукової роботи на тему «Laser-induced processes on condensed matter»


    Laser-induced processes on condensed matter

    W. Kautek1

    University of Vienna, Department of Physical Chemistry, Vienna, Austria

    Fundamentals and recent research in the laser-driven physical chemistry at condensed matter interfaces will be presented [1,2]. This will include nanosecond pulse work in respect to 3D depth profiling by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy [3-5] and the laser generation of colloidal nanoparticles for medical applications [6-8]. Femtosecond investigations with bandwidth-limited, temporally shaped pulses, are reviewed. Recent examples are the laser-driven synthesis of graphene nanosheets, the deterministic nanostructuring of solids generating e.g. nanojets in the far field [9], and nanolithography in the apertureless femtosecond scanning near-field (Figure) [10,11]. An outlook for new projects and applications will be presented.


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