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A kW-level small core diameter fiber pump system for Nd: YAG lasers

V. Mitrokhin1, A. Dormidonov1, A. Savvin1

1Dukhov Automatics Research Institute- Federal State Unitary Enterprise- VNIIA, R&P Center of Pulse Technique, Moscow, Russian Federation

The end-pump for laser systems, especially in case of using fiber pump sources, opens up a lot of unique possibilities for physics, engineering and biomedical applications, where Nd: YAG lasers are the most widely used [1]. Foremost, end-pumping increases the lasing efficiency and improves the generation spatial quality. Secondly, there is not necessity to make an optical pump system around the active media and, as a result, very compact solutions can be designed for oscillators [2]. Another consequence of using end-pumping with fiber pump sources is the possibility of constructing distributed systems for using in applications like laser ignition [3], in this case a pumping system as the most expensive element of the laser is placed out from the area of interaction with combustible substances, which excludes its damage.

In this work, we demonstrate the high-intensity fiber light source for pumping Nd: YAG lasers. It is based on possibility of using Nd: YAG crystal absorption peak near 532 nm for pumping. Designed fiber pump laser source is formed with Nd: YAG laser operating in free-oscillation mode with intracavity frequency doubling and the fiber light transportation system with a small core diameter fiber. Our designed fiber system had output power after 10 meters fiber with core diameter 100 um over than 1 kW.


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